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Aura Chardonnay 75cl
Colour: Pale to mid straw. Aroma: Fresh and vibrant fruit flavours of peach and citrus with hints of tropical fruit evident also. The wine is supported by background vanilla, brown spice French oak flavours. Palate: A creamy ,tight and refined palate is accentuated by fresh , lively acidity and good sugar balance. Flavours of white peach, honeydew melon and citrus with a lick of guava and passion fruit. The palate is structured and balanced, with French oak providing a support and length to the complex palate. Small hints of malolactic fermentation are found which help give the wine good mouth feel and weight.
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Aura Sauvignon Blanc 75cl
Colour: Pale straw with hints of green Aroma: Fresh passion fruit, guava and tropical notes are balanced with grassy and herbal characters. Palate: A fresh and crisp palate with tropical fruit intensity. The good citrus acidity provides excellent length and structure to achieve the freshness across the palate. The passion fruit and guava flavours flow through from the nose to the palate with nuances of freshly cut grass and tomato vine shows up across the front and middle palate. A small amount of residual sugar helps to provide weight, flavour and balance to this easy drinking wine style.
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Aura Shiraz 75cl
Colour: Medium intensity crimson with brick red hues Aroma: Lifted red currant and berry fruits are evident with hints of plum and cherry. Spicy, mocha oak is also present but playing a supporting role. Palate: A medium bodied fruit driven wine with red berry and currant fruits combining with the spicy, vanilla bean oak characters. The tannins are silky soft to help make the wine very drinkable at a young age. The mouth feel is clean, fresh and balanced.
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Bacio della Luna Prosecco Superiore DOCG Exta Dry
Elegant, fine and persistent perlage; with splendid straw yellow color. It represents a delicate bouquet of acacia and wisteria flowers combined with a soft fragrance of fresh fruits such as pear and peach. Fruity and floral aftertaste leaves a joyful sensation in the mouth.
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Balblair 12 Year Old
In the fine balance of fruit, spice and sweetness, Balblair 12 Year Old encapsulates the gentle charisma of the Highlands. Elegant and approachable, this is the defining expression of Balblair Distillery, one to which all others refer. NOSE: Elegant bright lemon peel layered with creamy vanilla and crisp green apples TASTE: Ground spices and dried orange slices enveloped in intense set honey sweetness
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Balblair 15 Year Old
Tropical and mature, with the texture of melted chocolate and one of the finest finishes a single malt can bring, this stunning whisky calls for quiet admiration. NOSE: Leatherwood honey and spicy gingerbread followed by juicy prunes and fresh lemon peel TASTE: Velvety in texture, bursting with dark chocolate, tropical fruit and spices
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Balblair 18 Year Old
This late-night expression is rich and autumnal, developed and amplified to unexpected heights, while staying perfectly balanced and closely tied to the bright and fruity character of the Distillery. NOSE: Rich toffee and baked pears shine bright against an elegant backdrop of new leather TASTE: A masterful balance of juicy apricots, seasoned oak and vanilla custard
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Balblair 25 Year Old
For over a quarter of a century, this rare Single Malt has developed and mellowed, becoming concentrated, full-bodied and indulgent, brimming with the dark intensity of chocolate praline and spices. NOSE: Indulgent overripe apricots and dark liquorice stand out against polished oak and a touch of saddle wax TASTE: Full-bodied with oily citrus, chocolate praline and a faint note of fresh tobacco leaf
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