Cheers to Scotch!
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More health benefits of whisky.

Besides reducing the risks of heart diseases, diabetes, dementia and blood clotting, as well as fighting cancer, drinking whisky in moderation have other surprising health benefits.

Fights your cold

When you feel the onset of a cold, drink a mix of whisky, hot water, lemon and honey. It warms you up inside and helps fight that cold.

While the drink doesn’t fight the flu directly, it does dilate blood vessels to make it easier for mucous membranes to fight the infection.

This brings to mind the famous Hot Toddy that might help you get over your cold. It originated in 18th century Scotland in order to make Scottish scotch taste more palatable. Scots would add to their scotch herbal tea, honey, cinnamon, sugar, dates, and whatever else was handy in order to mask the terrible taste. It caught on and, even after the Scots got their act together and figured scotch out, the Hot Toddy stuck.

Boosts your immune system

Whisky contains ellagic acid, which along with vitamins, can help your immune system fight off illnesses.

Remember that although whisky can be good for you, you will not reap any of these health benefits if you drink excessively. Like all alcohol, whisky is to be enjoyed in moderation.

Aids in digestion

Whisky is regarded as one of the best digestifs in the world. Whisky’s higher alcohol content stimulates stomach enzymes. This gets the digestive system moving fast.

Reduces stress

If you are feeling stressed, a glass of whisky can take off the edge. Alcohol is known for calming the nerves. This is very beneficial for those with high stress or anxiety. However, alcohol should not be used as the sole method of de-stressing. Relying on alcohol as a way to calm your nerves can lead to further anxiety if abused.

Helps you sleep

Fancy a nightcap? Drinking whisky before bed might help you relax and get some sleep. Just keep it light and don’t rely on it as a sleep aid. Too much whisky can have the opposite effect and can disrupt your sleep.

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